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Wicky LГјbeck Want to manage Lübeck? Video

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A pro-Russian party, represented by Shahgali , gained enough popular support to make several attempts to take over the Kazan throne. In , Ivan mounted an expedition to the River Volga to show his support for the pro-Russians.

In , the tsar sent his envoy to the Nogai Horde , and they promised to maintain neutrality during the impending war. The Ar begs and Udmurts submitted to Russian authority as well.

In , the wooden fort of Sviyazhsk was transported down the Volga from Uglich all the way to Kazan. It was used as the Russian place d'armes during the decisive campaign of On 16 June , Ivan led a strong Russian army towards Kazan.

The last siege of the Tatar capital commenced on 30 August. Under the supervision of Prince Alexander Gorbaty-Shuisky , the Russians used battering rams and a siege tower , undermining and cannons.

The Russians also had the advantage of efficient military engineers. The city's water supply was blocked and the walls were breached.

Kazan finally fell on 2 October, its fortifications were razed and much of the population massacred. Many Russian prisoners and slaves were released.

Ivan celebrated his victory over Kazan by building several churches with oriental features, most famously Saint Basil's Cathedral on Red Square in Moscow.

The fall of Kazan was only the beginning of a series of so-called " Cheremis wars". The attempts of the Moscow government to gain a foothold on the Middle Volga kept provoking uprisings of local peoples, which was suppressed only with great difficulty.

In , the First Cheremis War ended, and the Bashkirs accepted Ivan IV's authority. In campaigns in and , Russian troops conquered the Astrakhan Khanate at the mouths of the Volga River, and the new Astrakhan fortress was built in by Ivan Vyrodkov to replace the old Tatar capital.

The annexation of the Tatar khanates meant the conquest of vast territories, access to large markets and control of the entire length of the Volga River.

Subjugating Muslim khanates turned Muscovy into an empire. After his conquest of Kazan, Ivan is said to have ordered the crescent, a symbol of Islam, to be placed underneath the Christian cross on the domes of Orthodox Christian churches.

The results presaged the many disasters to come. A plan to unite the Volga and Don by a canal was detailed in Constantinople. Early in , Ivan's ambassadors concluded a treaty at Constantinople that restored friendly relations between the Sultan and the Tsar.

In , Ivan launched the Livonian War in an attempt to gain access to the Baltic Sea and its major trade routes. The war ultimately proved unsuccessful and stretched on for 24 years and engaging the Kingdom of Sweden , the Grand Duchy of Lithuania , the Polish—Lithuanian Commonwealth and the Teutonic Knights of Livonia.

The prolonged war had nearly destroyed the economy, and the Oprichnina had thoroughly disrupted the government.

Meanwhile, the Union of Lublin had united the Grand Duchy of Lithuania and Kingdom of Poland , and the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth acquired an energetic leader, Stefan Batory , who was supported by Russia's southern enemy, the Ottoman Empire.

Ivan's realm was being squeezed by two of the time's great powers. After rejecting peace proposals from his enemies, Ivan had found himself in a difficult position by The displaced refugees fleeing the war compounded the effects of the simultaneous drought, and the exacerbated war engendered epidemics causing much loss of life.

Batory then launched a series of offensives against Muscovy in the campaign seasons of —81 to try to cut the Kingdom of Livonia from Muscovy.

During his first offensive in , he retook Polotsk with 22, men. During the second, in , he took Velikie Luki with a 29,strong force.

Finally, he began the Siege of Pskov in with a ,strong army. Narva , in Estonia , was reconquered by Sweden in Unlike Sweden and Poland, Denmark's Frederick II had trouble continuing the fight against Muscovy.

He came to an agreement with John III of Sweden in to transfer the Danish titles of Livonia to John III.

Muscovy recognised Polish—Lithuanian control of Livonia only in After Magnus von Lyffland , the brother of Fredrick II and a former ally of Ivan, died in , Poland invaded his territories in the Duchy of Courland , and Frederick II decided to sell his rights of inheritance.

Except for the island of Saaremaa , Denmark had left Livonia by In the later years of Ivan's reign, the southern borders of Muscovy were disturbed by Crimean Tatars, mainly to capture slaves.

Khan Devlet I Giray of Crimea repeatedly raided the Moscow region. In , the 40,strong Crimean and Turkish army launched a large-scale raid.

The ongoing Livonian War made Moscow's garrison to number only 6, and could not even delay the Tatar approach.

Unresisted, Devlet devastated unprotected towns and villages around Moscow and caused the Fire of Moscow Historians have estimated the number of casualties of the fire to be 10, to 80, To buy peace from Devlet Giray, Ivan was forced to relinquish his claims on Astrakhan for the Crimean Khanate, but the proposed transfer was only a diplomatic maneuver and was never actually completed.

The defeat angered Ivan. Between and , preparations were made upon his orders. In addition to Zasechnaya cherta , innovative fortifications were set beyond the Oka River , which defined the border.

The following year, Devlet launched another raid on Moscow, now with a numerous horde, [49] reinforced by Turkish janissaries equipped with firearms and cannons.

The Russian army, led by Prince Mikhail Vorotynsky , was half the size but was experienced and supported by streltsy , equipped with modern firearms and gulyay-gorods.

In addition, it was no longer artificially divided into two parts the "oprichnina" and "zemsky" , unlike during the defeat.

The Russian troops did not have time to intercept it, but the regiment of Prince Khvorostinin vigorously attacked the Tatars from the rear.

After several days of heavy fighting, Mikhail Vorotynsky with the main part of the army flanked the Tatars and dealt a sudden blow on 2 August, and Khvorostinin made a sortie from the fortifications.

The Tatars were completely defeated and fled. During Ivan's reign, Russia started a large-scale exploration and colonization of Siberia.

In , shortly after the conquest of Kazan, the Siberian khan Yadegar and the Nogai Horde , under Khan Ismail, pledged their allegiance to Ivan in the hope that he would help them against their opponents.

However, Yadegar failed to gather the full sum of tribute that he proposed to the tsar and so Ivan did nothing to save his inefficient vassal. In , Yadegar was overthrown and killed by Khan Kuchum , who denied any tribute to Moscow.

In , Ivan gave the Stroganov merchant family the patent for colonising "the abundant region along the Kama River", and, in , lands over the Ural Mountains along the rivers Tura and Tobol.

The family also received permission to build forts along the Ob River and the Irtysh River. Around , the Stroganovs engaged the Cossack leader Yermak Timofeyevich to protect their lands from attacks of the Siberian Khan Kuchum.

In , Yermak started his conquest of Siberia. With some Cossacks , he started to penetrate territories that were tributary to Kuchum.

Yermak pressured and persuaded the various family-based tribes to change their loyalties and to become tributaries of Russia. Some agreed voluntarily because they were offered better terms than with Kuchum, but others were forced.

He also established distant forts in the newly conquered lands. FR Once upon a time there was a white [ He prized his Lord just enough [ Satan was urging upon men the belief that [ On the other hand this power is also represented in [ Therefore, since you have been seen to be the instigator of the worst [ Por tanto, desde el momento en que has resultado autor e [ These can be defined as products, the fuel of which contains more than ppm of [ Trave: from the railway bridge and the Holsten bridge [ Trave: del puente de ferrocarril y del puente Holsten Stadttrave en Lübeck [ Entonces el [ GOD has been known to use [ DIOS ha sido conocido por usar Su poder [ Usar calcetines de [ Wolfsburg Oliver Glasner COM.

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Stadium: Fritz-Walter-Stadion Attendance: 28, Referee: Lutz Wagner Kriftel. Kontor Schirmer Arno. Mondland Verlag. Hinweis zu Wicky GmbH Sind Sie Firma Wicky GmbH?

Hier können Sie Ihren Branchen-Eintrag ändern. Trotz sorgfältiger Recherche können wir die Aktualität und Richtigkeit der Angaben in unserem Branchenbuch Lübeck nicht garantieren.

Sollte Ihnen auffallen, dass der Eintrag von Wicky GmbH für Geschenkartikel aus Lübeck, Breite Str.

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